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Do kids need some exercise?

     Try: TAZ Kids Fitness – YouTube

Want some new crafts with a Bible lesson?


Look at these activities and more on

     Gospel Caterpillars Preschool Craft

     Blue Whale Trivia and Object Lesson

     5 Super Simple Treasure Hunts for Kids

     Dinosaurs are Good News for Kids!

     5 Ways to Help Kids in Anxious Times


FROM Dema Kohen:

I am convinced that one of the best ways we can serve our children in this overwhelming and frightening times, is by teaching them how to IDENTIFY their emotions and POUR their hearts to God.

To help the parents in my church care for the emotional well-being of their children, I created a worksheet and a video where I give them practical ideas and tools.

FROM Dema Kohen:

In today’s atmosphere of unsettledness, uncertainty, and fear, we need to teach our children how to capture negative thoughts and make them obey Christ.

That’s why I created this VIDEO and this WORKSHEET where I compare negative thoughts to mice, and God’s Word to a mousetrap.



Some music you need to know about –

It’s amazing how much we can create and affect the environment of our home with some music. Yancy is one of our family’s favorite music artists. She has made a playlist of songs full of hope, trust, and faith. It’s the perfect message for all of us in this season we are all living in. I highly recommend you push play on these songs by Yancy and some other great artists for families. Yancy’s Songs of HOPE Playlist will be the perfect soundtrack for your days.


An article worth reading –

These eight tips can help create a successful and less stressful environment for you and your kids while you are working from home.


Something special for your kids –

Our second Super Saturday KidzShow will happen tomorrow in the ParentzMatter Facebook Group! Jump on Facebook tomorrow (Saturday, May 2) at Noon ET / 11am CT! If you missed the first one, go here and watch it


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