For Your Health

FOR YOUR HEALTH (from your Health Ministries Team)


Walking is the ideal workout for many people.  It is easy, accessible, inexpensive and injury-free.  Besides helping us to lose or maintain weight, a regular walking program can help lower the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and osteoporosis.

Research shows that sitting longer than six hours per day increases health risks such as higher triglycerides, a larger waist and lower levels of “good” cholesterol.  This is even if you exercise for the recommended hour per day.

Before you begin a walking program you should check with your personal physician to determine if your overall health will allow such an exercise program.  You are ready to start once you have taken that precaution.

All you need for walking is a good, supportive pair of shoes.  Walking shoes–unlike aerobics, tennis and running shoes–are made for the linear walking movement.  They will have plenty of forefoot flexibility, heel cushioning and heel support.  A walking shoe’s lower-profile heel also helps you roll through your foot and avoid shin pain.

When you begin your walking program, do less than you think you can.  Your muscles and heart need to get used to the movement.  Initially aim for 30 minutes, three or four times a week.  If necessary, break that time into three 10 minute walks.  Even a few minutes of additional movement can make your heart healthier.

So get out and get walking.


This is to let all of you know that our church has a MEDICAL LOAN CLOSET. The Health Ministries Team has assembled equipment that is available for your use during periods of recovery from illness, surgery, or accidents. This equipment is the result of mission giving from the all church garage sale. All items have been obtained from donated garage sale items. Below is the current inventory list of equipment available from the MEDICAL LOAN CLOSET:

4 Wheelchairs (one in the Narthex for church use)
6 Walkers (one with fold down seat)
4 Pairs of Crutches
8 Adjustable Canes
2 Shower/Tub seats
2 Adjustable Shower Seats
2 Portable Bedside Commodes
2 Elevated Toilet Seat
2 Meal Tray (lap,walker, bed)
1 Meal Tray/Table (adjustable)
1 Bedside Assistance Rail
3 Security/Assistance Belts
1 Set of Dressing Assistance Items
2 Shoe Horns
1 Sling
2 Wrist Splints
1 Suction Assist Bar
2 “Cold” Machine

If you should find yourself in need of a little help along your return path to health, please contact the church office.
The health equipment items are here for your use; we just ask that you check out these items through the church office.
After your recovery is complete please clean the item and return it to the church so it will be available for someone else to use.
We pray that each of us will remain in good health. But life happens, and we find ourselves with the need of a little help
and support along the way. We are blessed that our church family is here to offer that support. Health Ministries
is here to offer physical aid. Our Stephen Ministers offer spiritual and emotional support. If the need arises, please call.

From your Health Ministries Team